What Is In Grup's Soup?
Characters Performed By Prohyas, Grup the Dragon (both voiced by Kyle A. Carrozza)
Episode Squirreled Domination
What Is In Grup's Soup? Mighty Magiswords Cartoon Network00:47

What Is In Grup's Soup? Mighty Magiswords Cartoon Network

What Is In Grup's Soup? is a song sung by Prohyas and Grup the Dragon in the Mighty Magiswords TV episode "Squirreled Domination" where Dolphin Magisword is sick and Grup makes a soup but refuses to give the recipe to Prohyas.


Prohyas: Even though you've asked us not
to inquire what is in your pot

I simply must know what the hay
you boiled in our kitchen today.

Potato bug?
Grup: A-nope nope nope.

Prohyas: A burger slug?
Grup: A-nope nope nope.

Prohyas: A dragon's tail?
Grup: Don't even joke.

Prohyas: Some kale, a whale or ginger ale?

Before we take a single sip
There's just one question on our lips

Just what the spud is in Grup's soup?
Grup: I'm never ever tellin' youp.

It's a slant rhyme. I'm seriously not telling you. (leaves)

Prohyas: (about Dolphin Magisword) Aww, she falls asleep to my singing so easily.


  • The Dolphin Magisword falls asleep from Prohyas' singing.

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