Warriors for Hire
Characters Performed By Prohyas Warrior
Vambre Warrior
Old Man Oldman
Episode Warriors for Hire
We're Warriors for Hire! - Mighty Magiswords Song00:34

We're Warriors for Hire! - Mighty Magiswords Song

Warriors for Hire is a jingle for the Warriors for Hire organization sung by Prohyas in the short "Warriors for Hire". It caught the attention of the citizens and Old Man Oldman who were more interested in the Warriors doing manual labor chores rather than swashbuckling adventures.


Prohyas: Do you need a magic object fast,
Do you need a relic from the past

Get the action siblings full of sass,
We're Warriors for Hire!

Is a monster giving you the biz,
Do you need a temple storming whiz,

Prohyas and Vambre: Get the best adventure as there is,
Try Warriors for Hire!

Old Man Oldman: Can you trim my lawn?
Warriors for Hire: no.

Old Man Oldman: Can you paint my house?
Warriors for Hire: No.

Old Man Oldman: Can you shave my back?
Warriors for Hire: NOOO!!!!

Old Man Oldman: Uhhhh ohhh... why not?

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