Veronica Victorious is a series of fiction novels written by Agatha Uthor (initials A. Uthor) that are sold in Noville's book store, The Printed Page, in Mount M'all. They depict the title character, Veronica Victorious, as an adventurer who is also a positive female role model. Vambre is an obsessed fan of the series. (and naturally Vambre's Brain is as well.) in "Curse of Dummystein," she claims her sophisticated manner of speaking comes from these books. Vambre often loses large periods of time reading the books, and becomes crazed whenever they're insulted, or if she feels the quality of the books are slipping. This seems to be a parallel with Prohyas' obsession with Slug Burger.

Gateaux is also a fan of the series. It is one of the few things that can break his focus from being a monosyllabic lackey to Morbidia. He wrote the sinister piece of fan-fiction "Veronica Victorious and the Pantaloons of Phantomloons," taking great pride in his twisting of the characters, though it was only a ploy to distract Vambre so she'd fail her adventure.

Titles in the series

Veronica Victorious and the...

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