Vambre's Brain (character)
Gender Female
Role Vambre Warrior's Brain
Hair color None
Eye color Green
Family Vambre (body owner)
Prohyas (brother)
Friends Warriors for Hire (at times)
Enemies Warriors for Hire (at times)
First Appearance Vambre's Brain
Latest Appearance Gotta Get Grup to Get Down
Voiced by Candi Milo

Vambre's Brain is the anthropomorphic brain of Vambre Warrior who debuts in the Mighty Magiswords TV series episode "Squirreled Domination". She is voiced by Candi Milo.


Her appearance is similar to that of a regular brain but with green eyes, a mouth and earrings similar to Vambre's.


She has a huge and sarcastic temper often blaming Vambre for her lack of common sense. She seems to be an obsessive fan of Veronica Victorious as Vambre as she almost nearly killed Prohyas for insulting her. She speaks with a Mid-Atlantic accent.

TV series

In the episode "Squirreled Domination", she finds Vambre pathetic due to her fear of squirrels. When Vambre blames her for her phobia, she comments that her hangups on the brain's messages to her are her responsibility. At the end of the episode, she became annoyed when it revealed that Vambre was still afraid of squirrels and goes back to bed.

5-minute shorts

She finally has more of a role in the short named after her. Due to Vambre breaking night by binge-reading Veronica Victorious books, her brain forcefully wakes her up to continue reading. Prohyas tries to wake her up by insulting Veronica Victorious. This causes her brain to try to mock and kill Prohyas until Prohyas finally uses the Sleeping Dragon Magisword on her to knock her cold.


  • Body Controlling: She has the ability to take control of her host when the host is too tired.

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