Gender Unknown
Role UFO
Hair color None
Eye color None
Enemies Warriors for Hire
First Appearance Whose Hyas is it Anyway?
Latest Appearance
Voiced by No voice

UFOs are natives in Galacton. Their sizes range from small to very large. Most of them often have a habit of bumping themselves into other people. They make their first appearance in the short "Whose Hyas is it Anyway?"


A local UFO bothers Vambre by constantly poking her. She tries the Rad Rocket Magisword to escape from it but dozens of other UFOs start poking her and a giant one crushes her. She then uses the Boulder Magisword where she shoots 3 boulders at it.

3-minute short

It's only appearance thus far is in the short "Whose Hyas is it Anyway?", where another local UFO steals the Confusing Alien Magisword from Vambre and gives Prohyas' regular voice and scarf color scheme back before flying away.


  • Flight: The UFOs have the ability to fly.
  • Transportation: The UFOS were able to suck up the Confusing Alien Magisword.
  • Reverting: The UFOs were able to undo the Confusing Alien's affects on Prohyas.

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