"Too Many Warriors"
Season 0, episode 14
Production code: 014
Airdate: August 29, 2016
Title Reference: Too Many Puppies
Director: Nick Bertonazzi Jr.
Story: Kyle A. Carrozza
Written &
storyboarded by:
Kyle A. Carrozza
Ken Mitchroney (storyboard)
Luke Sienkowski (storyboard)
"Pool Fools"

"Too Many Warriors" is the fourteenth short of Mighty Magiswords which aired in September 5, 2016.


The Warriors and their archrivals: "Witch Way" are both hired to battle.


Prohyas Talks About Magiswords: Excaliburger Magisword

Prohyas demonstrates the Excaliburger Magisword but the sword won't stop shooting propellar burgers. So, Grup starts eating them.


Major characters

Minor characters

  • Fishing Buddies
  • Preacher
  • Married Couple
  • Hot Dog Customer
  • Rhyboflavin Citizens
  • Grup the Dragon (vlog only)

Magiswords used

  • Excaliburger Magisword
  • Ground Pound Magisword
  • Laser Pointer Magisword
  • Pencil Magisword


  • This is the first appearance of Morbidia, Gateaux and Docky Boardman who are voiced by Candi Milo, Arin Hanson and series writer/storyboard revisionist Luke Sienkowski.
  • This episode reveals that Prohyas and Vambre had a rival warriors team named Witch Way who they known since Adventuring School.
  • This short features a fade out from the theme song to the title card which was not normally done in the series. Another fade out happen again to transition from the web short to the vlog.


  • Morbidia's voice is based on William Shatner and Gateaux's voice is based on George Takei; two actors known for starring in the Star Trek series.
  • The title is a reference to the Primus song "Too Many Puppies".
  • The preacher's voice is based on comedian Ed Wynn.
  • Morbidia called the squid, "Squid Vicious" referencing the late English musician Sid Vicious of The Sex Pistols.

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