"The Tome of Morrow"
Season 1, episode 20
The Tome of Morrow Title Card HD
Production code: 120
Airdate: January 27, 2017
Title Reference: TBA
Director: Ken Mitchroney
Story: Richard D. Pursel
Written &
storyboarded by:
Gabe del Ville
Jessi Greenberg
"Gut Feelings"
"Share and Share Dislike"

The Tome of Morrow is the twentieth episode of the first season of Mighty Magiswords, and the twentieth episode overall. It aired on January 27, 2017.


Noville's Magisword training with Vambre pays off and the Warriors invite him on a mission to an ancient cave in the Barren Faceland to find the rare and sacred book, the Tome of Morrow.


Minor characters

Magiswords used

  • Swish Navy Magisword
  • Sleeping Dragon Magisword
  • Squeaky Night Stick Magisword
  • Sticky Note Magisword
  • Foam Finger Magisword
  • Mask Magisword
  • Rutabaga Magisword
  • Underpants Magisword
  • Jackhammer Magisword
  • Mummy Magisword
  • Hook Magisword

Super Teamwork Combo

  • I Want My Mummy (Mummy Magisword + Swish Navy Magisword/Cute Kitty Blade)





Production notes

  • First storyboard done by Gabe del Valle.


  • The Masks conjured by the Mask Magisword are irremovable unless the user produces a mask of Mindless Bliss. Yet, Biblia was able to remove the mask from Monkey Chunks at ease.

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