The Tall Uninteresting One
Gender Male
Role Basketball Player
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Friends Warriors for Hire
Grup the Dragon
Princess Zange
Reginald Lavishum
Witchy Simone
Murray Williams
Enemies DeBizz
First Appearance Grup Jam
Latest Appearance
Voiced by Phil LaMarr

The Tall Uninteresting One is a basketball player who appears in the episode "Grup Jam". He is voiced by Phil LaMarr.


As his name implies, The Tall Uninteresting One's height is massive. He looks like a stereotypical basketball player with uniform.


The Tall Uninteresting One speaks in a bass monotone but has a cheerful personality.

TV Series

The Warriors try to inquire him in the episode "Grup Jam" where it reveals that he built a wall to prevent others from making fun of him. When the Warriors explain that they are also freaks, the Tall Uninteresting One influences the team to use their inner freak nature to win the game. He also helped the Warriors understand that they should let Grup be in the team since he invented the game.


  • He is a parody of Michael Jordan who stars in the movie Space Jam, which the whole episode was based on.