The Mysterious Hooded Woman
MS Hooded Woman
Gender Female
Role Unknown
Hair color Unknown
Eye color Unknown
Friends Prohyas, Vambre (possibly)
Enemies Unknown
First Appearance Dolphinominal
Latest Appearance The Desolation of Grup
Voiced by Grey Griffin

The Mysterious Hooded Woman is an enigmatic character who appears in Mighty Magiswords. Her name comes from the fact that she wears a purple robe and her face is never shown.


Her personality remains mysterious; however she can be humorous at times, as she used the power of the Golden Spectacles on herself, did ventriloquism while singing Aba Daba Honeymoon and wanted to use Grup's cave to host a rave. She also has a tendency to appear out of seemingly nowhere (a trait that often spooks Prohyas, who after almost everytime she spooks him, he would respond with "AAAGH!, Stop doing that!").

3-minute Shorts

She first appeared at the end of "Dolphinominal", where she caught Phil (who was flying away from Prohyas) in her arms. When asked if she was a beautiful woman under the hood, she responded "I don't get a lot of complaints".

She then had her first major appearance in Bark Attack where she ordered Prohyas and Vambre to travel to the Deepest Darkest Words to retrieve the Golden Spectacles from the Tree J. After receving the spectacles, she gave the Warriors for Hire there payment for the hover swords. She then wears the Spectacles and starts acting like a DJ stating she needed the spectacles for a "Drive Time Show".

She was mentioned in No Robots for Old Men in which the Warriors for Hire were hired to get her the Persimmon of Urgency which was interrupted by Old Man Oldman, Robopiggeh and Grup.

5-minute shorts

She made her first appearance in "The Desolation of Grup", where she hired the Warriors to vanquish Grup. Rather than slaying him, they beat him in several contests. They were afriad she wouldn't be pleased until she revealed that she wanted his cave to host raves. She seems to be a fan of the rave culture because of this as she dressed in rave attire.

In Champion of Breakfasts she uses her feet to eat chips. Witchy Simone finds it disgusting she did nit use dip. MHW has a friend cslled Human Woman Number HW Zero One.

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