Slugburger is a fast food restaraunt in Rhyboflavin. Prohyas is a frequent customer, and a huge fan, to the extent he pre-ordered a "Mega Mollusk Deluxe" sandwich in the minisode "Identity Theft." Simone is the head cashier there. They frequently serve Slugurgers, Double Slugburgers, Belch Zero, and the Philly Cheeseslug. An unpopular alternative to the Slugburger is the Beetle Burger, which may be the show's variation of the veggie burger. It may also be a menu item of a less popular restaurant. Slugburgers look like regular burgers except for the bright yellow slug patty in the center, and they don't resemble the burgers spawned from the Excaliburger Magisword. Vambre dislikes the restaurant, not seeing it as real/quality food however, she did enjoy the "Chiton Panini" that was sold in "Dungeons and Dayjobs".



Frequent customers


Prohyas: I would like the.....Slug Burger.....annnnnd that's it.

Cashier: Would you like to make that a double Slug burger for two gems more?

Prohyas: Would you NOT up-sell me, I hate up-selling...(to Vambre) do you want anything?

Vambre: Real food.

Prohyas: Yeah, they don't have that here.

-To Boulderly Go

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