Gender Male
Role Cave Monster
Hair color None
Eye color Black and Red
Friends Grup
Lady Hiss
Prohyas Warrior
Vambre Warrior
Enemies Neddy the Mallet
First Appearance Cleanliness Is Next to Grupliness
Latest Appearance Gotta Get Grup to Get Down
Voiced by Luke Sienkowski

Skullivan is a cave monster skeleton who makes his debut appearance in the episode "Cleanliness Is Next to Grupliness". He is voiced by series head writer Luke Sienkowski.


Skullivan is a humanoid skeleton. He wears a knight garb, which includes spiked shoulder pieces, blue clothing with a belt and a single X across it, purple pants, and purple gloves. He has a long neck, red pupils, and a single hole on each side of his skull.


Skullivan has a laid-back, calm but cynical demeanor, often conversing with his friends. He is openly passive-aggressive, and does not hide his low opinion of those around him. He is extremely unhappy with his position as a bottom-rung dungeon monster and is in a constant state of depression and ennui. He always goes along with all the other monsters because he knows he won't get his way.

TV Series

In his first appearance, Cleanliness Is Next to Grupliness, he has a chat with Lady Hiss. The two became disgusted by Grup's smell and instead of telling him, he decided to cover his nose with a jarham. However the ham gets stuck to his nose hole.

He later appears in the episode The Wrath of Neddy where he, Grup, Lady Hiss and Prug try to rid Neddy the Mallet from being king in the cave of Stuff.


Cave weirdos toys (1)
  • Despite being an undead skeleton, Skullivan is still able to eat and taste. He also retains his sense of smell.
  • Skullivan mentions more than once he was alive at one point, making him previously human.