Sir Grimmsibald Femursworth XIII is a magician who was transformed into a skeleton in the episode The Tome of Morrow. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.



Grimmsibald as a skeleton

Femursworth's attire consists of a tuxedo with a bow tie and gloves as well as a monocle. As a human, he has green hair, dark skin and wears a mustache. As a skeleton, he wears a hood over his head.


Grimmsibald has a posh and pompous attitude but is very kind. He also laughs evilly when reading a good joke.

TV series

In his debut, Grimmsibald arrives in the Printed Page trying to acquire the book from the Tome of Morrow. He hires the Warriors to find the book for him. While they were gone, he constantly shape-shifted Helmut, much to their amusement. After receiving the book, he turns back to a human and rewards the Warriors and Noville.


  • Magic: Grimmsibald has the ability to shape-shift others but cannot do the same for himself.