Rhyboflavin is the main setting of the Mighty Magiswords series, which resides in Lyvsheria. The island resembles medieval England and other Ye Olde times with some influences from some RPG games such as "The Legend of Zelda" with some modern attributions such as Slug Burger. The universe is named after riboflavin, aka Vitamin B2, which is why broccoli is the signature food in Castle Rhyboflavin.


  • Warriors for Hire
  • Witch Way
  • Slug Burger
  • Rhyboflavin Boardwalk
  • Dinosaur Kingdom
  • Cave of Stuff
  • Castle Rhyboflavin
  • Keehaul Cove
  • Mount Ma'al
  • Transylberia
  • Barren Faceland
  • Galacton
  • Loch Mess Kingdom
  • Forbidden Forrest
  • Deepest Darkest Woods
  • Adventure Academy


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