Rhyboflaven is home to several popular buildings and locations in Lyvsheria:
  • Castle Rhyboflaven (top left)
  • Slugburger (top right)
  • Rhyboflaven Bazaar (middle left)
  • Mount Ma'all (middle right)
  • Adventure Academy (bottom left)
  • Warriors for Hire HQ (bottom right)
  • Witch Way HQ "(Not in the picture in The top)"
  • Vital statistics
    Type Kingdom
    Location Lyvsheria
    Inhabitants see Residents

    Rhyboflaven is the main setting of Mighty Magiswords, and is located in the land of Lyvsheria. The land resembles medieval England and other ancient places, with some elements from role-playing games such as The Legend of Zelda, and some more modern attributes such as the fast-food restaurant, Slugburger. The land is named after riboflavin, aka Vitamin B2, which is found in broccoli, the signature food in Castle Rhyboflavin.