Prohyas' Stomach
Prohyas Stomach
Gender Male
Role Prohyas Warrior's Stomach
Hair color None
Eye color Green
Family Prohyas (body owner)
Vambre (sister)
Friends Warriors for Hire (at times)
Enemies Warriors for Hire (at times)
First Appearance Vambre's Brain
Latest Appearance Gut Feelings
Voiced by Kyle A. Carrozza (Short)
Gilbert Gottfried (TV Series)

Prohyas' Stomach is the anthropomorphic stomach of Prohyas Warrior who debuts in the Mighty Magiswords short, "Vambre's Brain" and made a major role in the TV series episode, Gut Feelings. He is voiced by creator Kyle Carrozza in his debut appearance and Gilbert Gottfried in his second appearance.


His appearance is pretty much Prohyas' shirt with green eyes and a large mouth.


He has a mad temper and craves for nutritious food and often shouts. He speaks with a groveling voice as well.

5-minute shorts

He appeared towards the end of short named after her where due to Prohyas' lack of food, caused him to snap at Vambre for interrupting his snacking time by shouting "DON'T BOTHER ME, LADY! I'M HUNGRY!!!!".

TV series

His major debut is in "Gut Feelings" where he was responsible for controlling Prohyas to steal all of Hoppus' vegetable magiswords in order to feed himself nutritious vegetables to counteract Prohyas' junk food toxins.


  • Body Controlling: Like Vambre's Brain, he has the ability to control Prohyas' body.

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