Phibby Croax
Gender Male
Role Adventure Academy student (former), Adventurer
Hair color Light purple
Eye color Black
Friends Professor Cyrus, Warriors for Hire, Morbidia, Gateaux, Neddy the Mallet, Witchy Simone, Cattus the One Blade, Familiar, Bimm
Enemies Pirates, Enchanted Tree, Snowman, Weather Gnomes, Trollblins, Nohyas
First Appearance Adventure Academy: Adventure Academy 101 (as student)
Quest for Knowledge (as adult)
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Voiced by Arin Hanson

Phibby Croax is a former student of Adventure Academy and a warrior who debuted in the Mighty Magiswords: Adventure Academy shorts. His adult self will debut in the episode "Quest for Knowledge". He is voiced by Arin Hanson.


Phibby is a frog who dresses in the traditional Adventure Academy uniform with the addition of a pink bandanna on his forehead. As an adult, he is bare-chested and wears his bandanna with pink wristbands, black shorts, and black slippers with brown soles.


Phibby is very enthusiastic, and tends to shout out at times. He is a thrill-seeker who craves danger and extreme activities.

Adventure Academy shorts

In the first short, during role call, he announced his reason for enrollment was to bring more action into his life.



Original Phibby Croax design

Kyle created the character in 2014. The design remained untouched from the show's transition.


  • Phibby carries a huge, triangular object on his back, and once admitted that he was unsure of its function.
  • His name is a pun on the fact that he is a frog.
    • His first name, Phibby, is most likely derived from the word "Amphibian", the taxonomic Class to which Frogs belong.
    • His last name, Croax, is a play on "croak", a popular way of expressing the sound made by many types of frogs.