Penny Plasm
Gender Female
Role Ghost (Dead)
Hair color Purple
Relationship Phil, Prohyas (former lover)
Enemies Warriors for Hire
First Appearance Flirty Phantom
Latest Appearance {{{latest appearance}}}
Voiced by Kate Micucci

Penny Plasm is a deceased widower who debuts in the TV series episode Flirty Phantom. She is voiced by Kate Micucci.


Penny is a ghost who dresses in stereotypical Southern Belle garb complete with a dress and yellow bonnett. She also has paley blue skin and an overbite. She even speaks with a Southern accent.


Penny Plasm has been very lonely until she encountered the Warriors. She can be very flirtatious and instantly makes any male that comes to her domain her husband. She can be prone to jealously trying to keep Vambre away from Prohyas and may be destructive as to willing to kill Prohyas in order to be with him.


In her debut episode, the Warriors arrive at her house and she invites them over. She explained that ever since an event that occured involving power tools and the monkey claw and a doilie, she was lonely in her house. Vambre is grossed out by the phantom's constant kissing and she invites Prohyas for a tour of the house. She also kicked Vambre out so she and Prohyas can have some privacy and set up a mystical force field to prevent her from getting in. Penny gave Prohyas some tea and cookies and massages and decided that in order for them to be together, he should die and become a ghost. After being ejected with Seeds of the Undead thanks to Vambre and Prohyas, which is her weakness, she temporarely loses her powers. She apologizes to Prohyas for her behavior and lones for another suitor. When Phil comes, she immediately took him in and kissed him, much to Phil's delight.


  • Flight: Being a ghost, she has the ability to fly.
  • Manipulation: She can create energy hands that can open, close and attack others.
  • Telekinesis: She can manifest inanimate objects and can sent objects flying at her opponents.
  • Force Field Projections: She can generate force fields to protect her home.

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