Gender Male
Role Kid
Hair color Purple (fur)
Eye color Black
Friends Zonq (formerly)
Voiced by Luke Sienkowski

Nyando is a little cat kid who makes his debut appearance in the episode "Cleanliness Is Next to Grupliness". He is voiced by Luke Sienkowski.


Nyando is a purple cat wearing red Ye Olde English clothing.


Nyando pretty much acts like a regular kid having fun in the Rhyboflavin playground but gets easily annoyed from cat stereotypes. He also speaks with a Brookyln accent.


In his first appearance, Cleanliness Is Next to Grupliness, him and Zonq were disgusted by Grup's smell. Zonq blames it on Nyando but Nyando stated it was Grup. Zonq believes that since he's a cat, it was his fault. Nyando took offense of it as a cat stereotype and left with a huff not wanting to play with him, making Zonq sad.

Him and Zonq also watched Witch Way perform and advertise their career while eating popcorn in the episode Felonious Prose.

The two made cameo appearances as customers in Dungeons and Dayjobs.

They also appeared in Gotta Get Grup to Get Down as contestants to be Royal Entertainers performing William Tell archery.

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