Gender Male
Role Villain
Hair color Red
Eye color Black
Family Vambre (possibly sister/doppleganger), Uncle Buford (uncle; possibly fake)
Enemies Prohyas, Vambre
First Appearance The Land Before Slime
Latest Appearance Grup Jam
Voiced by Kyle A. Carrozza
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Nohyas is the opposite and evil doppleganger of Prohyas and is the main antagonist in the episode "Whose Hyas is it Anyway?."


Nohyas first appears confronting Prohyas, telling him that since he's the same as him, all of his magiswords belong to him in which Prohyas has questioned his existence. He then tried to steal his magiswords; but Prohyas used the Cheese Magisword, which only hit Nohyas on the bowler hat, by giving him the chance to steal Prohyas' magiswords. However, one of the magiswords fell out of the bag and it appeared to be the Razor Saw Magisword. Prohyas used it to cut off his doppleganger's mustache and got his magiswords back. Nohyas runs away ashamed now that he looks exactly like him, which Prohyas takes offense.

3-minute shorts

His first TV short appearance was in "The Land Before Slime", where his evil cottage (with a mustache symbolizing him) was stomped and destroyed by King Rexxtopher.

In his second appearance, "No Robots for Old Men", he appears with his hand puppet, Handbre (based on Vambre).

In "Whose Hyas is it Anyway?", he appears in Galacton with the Confusing Alien Magisword and uses it to shoot duckies (supposedly his favorite) at Prohyas' head, change his voice to a lispy Ed Wynn-esque one, make his scarf plaid schemed and created an interdimensional vortex which a hand grabbed him and transported him to Slug Burger.

5-minute shorts

His debut is in the short "Identity Theft", in which he and his hand, Handbre, pretend to be the Warriors for Hire in order to get Prohyas' burger, Vambre's book and many Magiswords from Ralphio's shop. The Warriors for Hire duel the dopplegangers but since he has the same Magiswords as them, they lose. However, he does not have any one-of-a-kind Magiswords such as the Oinkus Oinkus Magisword and the Dolphin Magisword, so they use the Super Teamwork Combo to vanquish him.


He made a small appearance in the episode "Gotta Get Grup to Get Down" where he entered the Rhyboflavin Talent Contest. His talent was impressions which was pretty much dressing an audience member with a mustache and derby like him.

He made a slight cameo in the episode "Little Sword of Horrors" as Prohyas watering plants.

He was one of the supporting players of the Rhyboflavin Grups in the episode "Grup Jam".

In "Random Acts of Memory" it is revealed that Nohyas has known the Warrior siblings since they were children, however up until adulthood he would use his signature "Selective Memory Magisword" to erase memories they made of him. It is revealed that he was actually the one to burn down the barn with Vambre's tomato magisword(which she went to therapy for blaming herself for years), was the new kid in Vambre and Prohyas' adventure class where even under truth paste he still admits to believing he's Prohyas(and sub-sequently Vambre). He is also the reason why they didn't remember meeting Grup's brother Prug, only wanting them to remember a positive memory of him. After several more stories(some of which false) Prohyas uses the Pencil Magisword to trick him into giving him the Selective Memory Magisword, and uses Paperbag Magisword to trick him into thinking he's talking to himself.


  • Confusing Alien Magisword
  • Hyperspace Magisword (in Surely you Quest)
  • Selective Memory Magisword


Magisword user: Nohyas is very skilled in the use of Magiswords and is very skilled in using them. He has enough to skill to use a Super Teamwork Combo on his own, something Vambre and Prohyas have yet to accomplish.


  • He resembles a villain from the 1960s complete with a bowler hat and moustache. Even his cottage has a mustache.
  • He may be similar to Negaduck from Darkwing Duck since the creator is a fan of the show, especially the ones animated in Australia. He was even disclaimed as a "mysterious doppleganger" by Prohyas himself.
  • His voice is based on wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage, even copying his catchphrase "OH YEAH!" (or the alternative "NO YEAH!")[1]
  • There is a running gag in this show, that he often makes up stories based on Prohyas' life and is openly claiming to be evil.



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