Neddy the Mallet
Gender Male
Role Adventurer
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Friends Warriors for Hire
Professor Cyrus
Phibby Croax
Cattus the One Blade
Enemies Grup
Lady Hiss
First Appearance The Wrath of Neddy
Latest Appearance Dungeons and Dayjobs
Voiced by Townsend Coleman
Neddy the Mallet is an adventurer and warrior bear who debuts in the episode "The Wrath of Neddy". He is voiced by Townsend Coleman.
AdventureAcademy Neddy

Neddy's "Adventure Academy" design


Neddy is a brown bear with silver shoulder pads, a black shirt and blue pants with a giant mallet. He is almost never seen with his eyes open, though they appear small and beady whenever they do


Neddy has a overly confident and snarky attitude, preferring to rely on brawn and his Mallet rather than brains. He is noticeably unintellegent, but does demonstrate capability for strategy in battle and problem solving. He expresses open disregard for the feelings and well-being of those around him, often stealing food or treasure from others, though this is less out of malicious intent and more out of the belief it is simply not a problem. Neddy is also virtually incapable of remembering someone else's name, even if it was just told to him seconds earlier.

Strangely, Neddy is also shown to hallucinate inaniminate objects both looking at and talking to him. It is unknown if this is due to his dearth in intellegence or something greater.


  • Perpetual Hunger: Neddy is a voracious eater with an unnaturally large appetite, often causing him to devour things that would otherwise be considered inedible.
  • Super Strength: Neddy is incredibly strong, usually able to overpower anything confronting him.
  • Mallet: Neddy's namesake, the large Mallet he carries on his back, is his preferred weapon in battle. The Mallet can be used as an offensive weapon, but can also be used as crowd control via shockwaves
  • Magiswords: Although normally not a Magisword user, Neddy has demonstrated proficient aptitude with Magiswords when needed. His aptitude even allows him to join the Warriors for Super Teamwork Combos.


In his debut episode, Neddy enters the Cave of Stuff to seek treasure. He was disappointed at noticing the Cave Weirdos. His main weapon is his giant mallet, known as "Super Impressive Mallett of Heroism". Neddy finally retrieved the Beehive Magisword. Neddy decided to take the Cave of Stuff as his own and claim himself as a King and make the cave weirdos his underlings. The Warriors try to handle the situation until they realize that the person their facing against is their old friend from Adventure Academy. Since technically Neddy isn't breaking the rules by being King as it was never stated in the rulebook that performing such act is a violation, the Warriors and Neddy gave each other the distinctive respect by going about their business but the Warriors decided to help the Weirdos take down Neddy on their own. When all trial failed, they resorted to one last tactic. They challenge Neddy to a Q&A challenge where he has to answer 3 questions in order to stay as king. All questions are related to what are the cave weirdo's names. Due to Neddy's forgetfulness, he is defeated. He accepts defeat and goes away in the wilderness with his beeswax made crown who he use to comfort himself.

He also made a short cameo in Dungeons and Dayjobs where he awaits to order but Prohyas closes the drive thru window at the last minute to cry. A confused Neddy questions if Prohyas was in danger.

His next appearance is in Strange Nedfellows, where he enters a "level 2" (missing reading "11" for "II") cave in the hunt for the Queen Salmon, a rare fish that he literally is on the hunt for as a meal. He encounter the Warriors there, who were hired by Omnibus to retrieve Queen Salmon for his Aquarium but don't tell Neddy this in fear his ferocious appetite would cause them trouble, not to mention they needed each other to get through the high level cave together. But soon Neddy finds out and is upset he was lied to by his friends, refusing their help and scoffing them when they save him from the cave's dangers. At the end, they found the Queen Salmon, which Neddy tries to devour, but is easily subdued by both the Salmon and Warriors but still continues to try regardless. Then Man-FIsh shows up, swearing to protect the Queen Salmon from the 3 mercenaries, much to the Queen Salmon's annoyance. When Man-Fish summons various marine life to attack them, the Warriors manage to win Neddy's trust again by using a Super Team Work combo to butter the sea-creautres for Neddy to devour, making him happy and too full to eat the Queen Salmon.

Nedfellows 27

At the end of the episode, he attends to Omnibus's party with the Warriors, and brings his date... a giant rock named "Rocksane".

Neddy had a small cameo in Getting Ahead, being a possible suspect of stealing Omnibus's head after Vambre discovered the Aquarium at Omnibus's manor was ransacked and Queen Salmon could only make out a "big hairy brute" that caused it. Vambre confronts Neddy at the Honey Store at Mount M'all, accusing him of the crime as an attempt to eat Queen Salmon again. However, a random citizen greeted Neddy, as they met when Neddy wreck and devoured her picnic around the time of the crime, giving Neddy an alibi.

Neddy had another cameo in Random Acts of Memory, where in a flashback told by Nohyas when he meet Vambre and Prohyas back in Adventure Academy. After Prohyhas and Nohyas fought with Toothbrush Magiswords covered in "Truth-Paste" and exposed everyone in class to it, revealing their personal secrets. Neddy's was just "I AM A BEAR NAMED NEDDY!". He, as well as everyone else in the class room, forgot this thanks to Nohyas using his "Selective Memory Magisword" to erase their minds of him.

Neddy and Friends

Neddy's next full appearance was in Hunting for Scavengers, where he, The Warriors for Hire, and Witch Way went to collect odd items for a crazy Weather-Gnome named Mr. Flummox in the Barren Face Land. Neddy took part in the hunt for the cost of 5 jemms (even though Flummox made it 5000 to get others to take part) and assumed he was just getting school supplies for a bearded child. He managed to get one item, a cube of sand, by just making a pile of sand and whacking it with his mallet on his 2nd try (first try was a small muscular sand-sculpture of himself). After that however, his list for the items got smudged, had a quick meal, and just decided to just grabbed whatever he could find on the way back to the Gnome, only to lose Gateaux. When Mr. Flummox then used the items to creature a portal with a monster in it, threatening to wake the face and destroy civilization.

In order to stop it, Vambre increases Neddy's strength with the Muscly Arm Magisword and Witch Way giving him a "push" to the monster and Neddy hit the monster hard enough to send it back and destroy the portal. Mr. Flummox then tried to make a portal with Neddy's stuff, but gets sucked in a small portal by the monster before he could. He then ends up giving Witch Way a group hug with the Warriors, despite of Morbidia's protests.



Neddy the Mallet throughout the years Left to right: 1999, 2001, 2016-present

According to Kyle in the "Kyle & Luke Talk About Toons" podcast, Neddy was created during the mid 90s based on now-lost Animaniacs ads, in which he was completely different compared to what he was now in Magiswords. His design was very 1940s Bob Clampett style. He was also inserted to an old concept called "Caffeine and Johnny" where he also had a bird sidekick named Shorty who was the brains of the team. Neddy was later inserted on the show from Kyle's frequent "what-if" sketches to see what would his old creations look like reimaged for Magiswords.


  • Neddy is unable to remember Vambre and Prohyas' names, causing him to come up with incorrect derivatives every time he meets them.
  • Neddy's voice actor, Townsend Coleman, previously voiced the title character of The Tick in its animated adaptation, and Sentinel Prime in Transformers Animated. Like Neddy, both characters are portrayed as incredibly strong but also intellectually lacking. Neddy's mannerisms are based on The Tick and as such the reason, why Coleman was chosen for the role. According to Coleman, Neddy was his first original cartoon role in years. Creator Kyle Carrozza even stated that he did a Patrick Warburton impression when he voiced the character during pitches/animatics. Warburton played The Tick in the live-action adaption. Kyle's Warburton impression was later used for the character in the show; Officer Zidane Fordor.



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