Neddy the Mallet
Gender Male
Role Adventurer
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Friends Warriors for Hire
Enemies Grup
Lady Hiss
First Appearance The Wrath of Neddy
Latest Appearance Dungeons and Dayjobs
Voiced by Townsend Coleman

Neddy the Mallet is an adventurer and warrior bear who debuts in the episode "The Wrath of Neddy". He is voiced by Townsend Coleman.


Neddy is a brown bear with silver shoulder pads, a black shirt and black pants with a giant mallet. He is almost never seen with his eyes open.


Neddy has a confident and snarky attitude and often doesn't care about his opponents' names but much rather get the treasure at hand. This was later proven to be a weakness which cost him his title as King. He may also lack intelligence as despite how Grup openly stated his and the other Weirdos' names, Neddy still couldn't comprehend. Despite his attitude, he's willing to cooperate and knows when he is defeated, and is willing to follow the rules. He also has a humongous appetite, being a bear, having a huge craving for honey.


In his debut episode, Neddy enters the Cave of Stuff to seek treasure. He was disappointed at noticing the Cave Weirdos. His main weapon is his giant mallet, known as "Super Impressive Mallett of Heroism". Neddy finally retrieved the Beehive Magisword. Neddy decided to take the Cave of Stuff as his own and claim himself as a King and make the cave weirdos his underlings. The Warriors try to handle the situation until they realize that the person their facing against is their old friend from Adventure Academy. Since technically Neddy isn't breaking the rules by being King as it was never stated in the rulebook that performing such act is a violation, the Warriors and Neddy gave each other the distinctive respect by going about their business but the Warriors decided to help the Weirdos take down Neddy on their own. When all trial failed, they resorted to one last tactic. They challenge Neddy to a Q&A challenge where he has to answer 3 questions in order to stay as king. All questions are related to what are the cave weirdo's names. Due to Neddy's forgetfulness, he is defeated. He accepts defeat and goes away in the wilderness with his beeswax made crown who he use to comfort himself.

He also made a short cameo in Dungeons and Dayjobs where he awaits to order but Prohyas closes the drive thru window at the last minute to cry. A confused Neddy questions if Prohyas was in danger.



Neddy the Mallet throughout the years Left to right: 1999, 2001, 2016-present

According to Kyle in the "Kyle & Luke Talk About Toons" podcast, Neddy was created during the mid 90s based on now-lost Animaniacs ads, in which he was completely different compared to what he was now in Magiswords. His design was very 1940s Bob Clampett style. He was also inserted to an old concept called "Caffeine and Johnny" where he also had a bird sidekick named Shorty who was the brains of the team. Neddy was later inserted on the show from Kyle's frequent "what-if" sketches to see what would his old creations look like reimaged for Magiswords.

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