Mr. Packard
Gender Male
Role Landlord
Hair color None
Eye color Red and black
Relationship Mrs. Pachydermis (wife)
Friends Warriors for Hire (tentants)
Enemies None
First Appearance Walkies (cameo)
Latest Appearance Potion in the Ocean
Voiced by Ken Mitchroney

Pachydermus Packard is the landlord of the Warriors for Hire headquarters who debuts in the Mighty Magiswords TV episode, Potion in the Ocean. He previously made a cameo as an artists interpretation in the short, Walkies. He is voiced by supervising director, Ken Mitchroney.



Grup's interpretation of Mr. Packard

Mr. Packard is a green elephant wearing a purple and yellow tuxedo with black shoes and a purple top hat.


Mr. Packard has an ill-temper, being very demanding to make sure the Warriors pay their rent. Despite this, he is also willing to negotiate with his tenants. He can also be hypocritical as he broke down the door and blame the Warriors for it and unfairly charged them extra.

TV series

In his physical debut appearance, Potion in the Ocean, he came to the Warriors house telling them that there late on their rent. The Warriors beg Mr. Packard to give them more time, so he agreed that they have until midnight. He also takes the Wig Magisword as collateral. Towards the end of the episode, the Warriors pay their rent and Mr. Packard gives them the Magisword back. He later announced that him and his wife are off on a hot date.


  • His full name is a pun of the word "pachyderm", which is another word for elephant, which he is.
  • His sur-name may come before his personal name similar to Japanese culture, as he refers to his wife as "Mrs.Pachydermus".

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