The production staff of Mighty Magiswords.


Creator - Kyle A. Carrozza

Animation Director - Nick Bertonazzi Jr.

Producer - Robert Romero

Story Editor - Kyle A Carrozza, Luke Sienkowski (TV Series), Doug Lawrence (TV Series), Richard D. Pursel (TV Series)

Staff Writers - Kyle A Carrozza, Doug Lawrence (TV Series), Luke Sienkowski (TV Series), Mike Pelansky (TV Series)

Animators - Sarah Ramert, Sara Genacarelli, John Berry (Shorts)

Production Coordinator - Rochelle Perry, Scott Morrison

Lead Character and Prop Designer - Kyle A. Carrozza

Character and Prop Designers - Kyle A Carrozza, Lindsay Smith, Serapio Calm, Jenny Goldberg, Luke Sienkowski (TV Series), John Berry, Lila Gonzalez, David Baron (TV Series),Natasha Allegri(TV Series)

Character and Prop Design Clean Up - Jason Flowers

Background Designers - Brad Gake, Anush Shaginian (TV series), Gregory Bow (TV Series), Aron Jean Shay (TV Series),Steven Sugar(TV Series),Alex Dilts(TV Series),Hans Tseng(TV Series)

Background Painters - Kassandra Heller, Anush Shaginian (TV series), Gregory Bow (TV Series), Aron Jean Shay (TV Series),Amanda Thomas(TV Series),Emily Partridge(TV Series),Lane Garrison(TV Series)

Animatic Editors - David Estes

Animatic Scratch Dialogue - Kyle A Carrozza, Lindsay Smith, Rebecca Himot, Victor Courtright

Storyboard Director - Ken Mitchroney

Storyboard Revisions - Luke Sienkowski (TV Series), Stephen Sawran (TV Series), Angela Vondra (TV Series)

Voice Director - Kristi Reed

Recording Studio Managing - Karie Gima Pham

Sound Recording Engineer - Robert Serda

Composers - TV's Kyle, Andy Paley, Jake Posner,Baths,Aivi Tran,Steven''Surasu''Velema

Music Editor - TV's Kyle

Main Title Song - Dan Avidan, TV's Kyle, Andy Paley

Ending Song-Rebeca Sugar,Baths,Aivi Tran

Title Card Designer - Kyle Carrozza, Aron J Shay (TV Series)

Oversea Production Facility - Inspidea

Oversea Director - Eric Hew Quan Shen

Intern- Katherine Tsai

Cartoon Network Studios

Executive Producers - Kyle A. Carrozza, Tramm Wigzell, Keith Fay, Jennifer Pelphrey (TV Series), Brian A. Miller (TV Series), Rob Sorcher (TV Series)


Kyle A. Carrozza

Anne Walker Ferrell (some of the micro-shorts on CN Anything)

Luke Sienkowski

Mike Kazaleh (TV Series)

Ken Mitchroney

Zoë Moss (TV Series)

John Berry (TV Series)

Drew Green (TV Series)

Clay Lindvall (TV Series)

Krystal Ureta (TV Series)

Bob Camp (TV Series)

Dave Alvarez (TV Series)

Mike Pelansky (TV Series)

Stephen Sawran (TV Series)

Gabe Del Valle (TV Series) (leaves at January 12th)

Jessie Greenberg (TV Series)

Angela Vondra (TV Series)

Norma Klingler (TV Series)

Rebeca Sugar(TV Series)

Natasha Allegri(TV Series)

Ian-Jones Quatrey(The Coldest Winter Only)

Voice Actors

The voice actors for the main characters.

Prohyas, Announcer, Grup, Nohyas, Old Man Oldman, Additional - Kyle A. Carrozza

Vambre, Princess Zange, The Mysterious Hooded Woman, Füd, Additional - Grey Griffin

Hoppus, Phil, King Rexxtopher - Eric Bauza

Various characters

Luke Sienkowski - Skullivan, Docky Boardman, Additional Voices

Doug Lawrence - Ralphio, Jest-O, Loch Mess Monster, Dinosaur, Additional

Tom Kenny - Taunting Jester Magisword

Jim Cummings - Keeper of the Mask, Buford

Hal Lublin - Omnibus, Smashroom, Ice Posey, Pirates (01, 08), Shopkeeper

Judy Tenuta - Queen Porcina

Pete Holmes - Teri the Spider

Ken Mitchroney - Mr. Packard, Sales Deer, Door

Weird Al Yankovic - Papa Kotassian

Townsend Coleman - Neddy the Mallet

Kyle Massey - Mr. Spoony, Additional Voices

Mary Faber - Morbidia (TV Series)

Kate Micucci - Bimm, Penny Plasm, Additional Voices

Arin Hanson - Gateaux, Delivery Man Steve, Additional voices

Bill Kopp - Man Fish the Fish Man, Additional Voices

Dana Gould - Norman Warrior, Additional Voices

Renee Albert - Kablammica Warrior

Gilbert Gottfried - Prohyas' Stomach

Rider Strong - Familiar

Jack McBrayer - Snax

Jess Harnell - Bag Puppets, Füd Fit Theme Song Singer

Eddie Pepitone - DeBizz

Dave Coulier - Murray Williams

Rob Paulsen - Professor Cyrus, Enchanted Tree, Singing Snowman, Mr. Tundrala, Weather Gnome, Tentacle Monster

Jeff Bennett - Sir Grimmsibald Femursworth

Dave (Gruber) Allen - Frostferatu

Lindsay Carrozza - Witchy Simone, Lady Hiss, Additional voices

Phil LaMarr - Noville, Long James, Sidney

Candi Milo - Morbidia ("Too Many Warriors" only), Vambre's Brain, Dolphin Magisword (sneezes only)

Maria Bamford - Tara Byte 1.0

Micky Dolenz - Wendell the Love Grub

Johnny Yong Bosch - Broccoli Punch, Brock L. Doccoli, Gruntion 1

Paul Schrier - Flonk

Renie Rivas

Rosearik Rikki Simons - Red Trollblin, Baby Kotassian, Kotassian 3, Borfl ("Get That Borfl" only), Magimobile ("Get That Borfl" only), Robo Tank

Mark Fite - Blue Trollblin, Krazy Kotassian

Haley Mancini - Witchy Sparkles, Aurora the Sorceress

Michaela Deatz - Danelda

Robbie Rist - Frankie Jupiter

Bonnie Gordon - Barnacle 1, Narwhal Magisword, Dolphin-Chan

Greg Cipes

Toby Turner

Billy West - Herman, Pterodactyl, Spiffy the Sphinx

Aron Shay - Christine

Richard Horvitz