Mascott is Witchy Simone's pet cat who debuts in the Mighty Magiswords episode, "Potion in the Ocean". His vocal effects (meowing) are provided by Candi Milo.


Mascott is a blue cat with an underbite tooth sticking out and a unibrow.


Mascott typically acts like a regular cat, and seems quite playful.

TV Series

In his debut appearance, Potion in the Ocean, Witchy Simone accuses Mascott of eating her last "Eye of Newt" due to his supposedly "guilty eye look". Witchy later turns her empty jar into a ball of yarn, with which Mascott plays.


Mascott was originally the pet of Witchy Simone's previous incarnation character, Simone Felttip. Mascott was manufactured by Simone's local inventor Doc Sniggleheimer as a solution to her pet allergy problem. The only downside is that Mascott is too clingy on Simone.