Man Fish the Fish Man
Gender Male
Role Protector of the Sea Creatures
Hair color Unknown
Eye color Orange
Friends Warriors for Hire, Witchy Simone, All Fish Creatures
Enemies Warriors for Hire (formerly), Witchy Simone (formerly), Glori
First Appearance Potion in the Ocean
Latest Appearance Strange Nedfellows
Voiced by Bill Kopp

Man Fish the Fish Man is the the protector of the sea who debuts in the Mighty Magiswords TV episode, Potion in the Ocean. He is voiced by Bill Kopp.


Man Fish looks like a regular human male wearing a green fish outfit.


Man Fish is a brave and bold leader, making sure the fishes of the sea are not harmed. He is also very cooperative. He also speaks with a French accent.

TV series

In his debut appearance, Potion in the Ocean, he slaps Witchy Simone for trying to steal the eye of the one-eyed newt. The Warriors for Hire and Simone begin to brawl with him until Prohyas decided to try negotiation. Man Fish stated that all he wanted was to make sure the newt's not harmed. The Warriors try to figure out on how to solve it. After deciding to take the newt's eye and replacing both his eyes with Zombie Pumpkin's eyes, Man Fish reluctantly lets them go.

In his second appearance, Biggest Fan, Glori throws rocks at him in order for him to attack her so the Warriors could save her. At first he tried to ignore her but Glori's repetitive nature influenced him to capture her and charge her for disturbing the sea. The Warriors later saved Glori and apologized to Man Fish, who was injured with a boulder rock stuck to his face.

In Strange Nedfellows he appears to take the Queen Salmon for her own safety(against her own wishes) and attacks the Warriors and Neddy with a giant fish monster, which is then eaten by a hangry Neddy.


  • Fish Generation: Man Fish has the ability to generate and create fish from his hands.



Man Fish the Fish Man throughout the years Left to right: 1992, 2014 and 2016-present

Man Fish is one of the oldest characters Kyle Carrozza created that later transitioned to Mighty Magiswords. Kyle created Fish Man in 1992 as an entry for then-Nintendo Power's contest for new characters for Mega Man: Robot Masters. 22 years later, Kyle discovered a folder full of old drawings and decided to re-drew him.


  • Despite being human, he thinks he is a fish. He claims to have a long backstory detailing it on why he thinks so but the Warriors refused.

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