Lyvsheria could potentially be the the land Mighty Magiswords takes place in.

MagiMobile Appearance

In Mighty Magisword's first app called MagiMobile, when you tap on the "Map" button, it will zoom onto a map pinned onto a wall. If you manage to have quick eyes, it could be that Vambre and Prohyas drew it.


Lyvsheria has many areas. Below is a list of areas.

Area Name Territory Name Prupose Residents
Volcano Dinosaur Kingdom Home for Dinosaurs Dinosaurs
Deepest Darkest Woods Transyyberia (unconfirmed) ?? None
Transylberia Transylberia ?? Snowmanpires
Long Underwear Wolf
Sales Deer
Penny Plasm
Slugburger Southwest Central Rhyboflaven Burger restaurant. None
Rhyboflaven Castle Central Rhyboflaven Home for Princess Zange Princess Zange
Warriors For Hire HQ Central East Rhyboflaven Home for: look here -> Vambre, Prohyas and Grup.
Rhyboflaven Bazaar South Rhyboflaven A place where people can sell things. Buford
Rhyboflaven Boardwalk East Rhyboflaven Another place to sell things and there are rides. Docky Boardman
Kotassium Central East Rhyboflaven Home for Kotassians Papa Kotassian
Norman's Broccoli Farm Central North Rhyboflaven Place to grow broccoli. Norman Warrior
Kablammica Warrior
Mount Ma'all West Rhyboflaven A mall. ??
[Mount Ma'all]

Ralphio's House of Swords

Mount Ma'all A place to buy Magiswords. The cost is unknown but in MagiMobile magiswords are 2000 gems. Ralphio (mostly)
[Mount Ma'all]

The Printed Page

Mount Ma'all A library. Noville (mostly)
Adventure Academy West Rhyboflaven An academy. The Alumi Awards takes place here. None
Sheepy Jungle North


A jungle where there is most likely lots of wool. Sheep (unconfirmed)
Praying Mantis
Cave of Stuff Northwest Barren Faceland Where Grup goes to work. Skullivan
Lady Hiss
Barren Faceland Central Barren Faceland None. It's just a desert. Tumbleweeds, cacti
Lovely Boutique Shop Keelhaul Cove A place to buy accessories and items. None
Keelhaul Cove Keelhaul Cove A residential area for people living on the island. Pirates
Long James


  • Lyvsheria people
  • Vambre Warrior
  • Prohyas Warrior
  • Grup
  • Buford
  • Docky Boardman
  •  ??
  • Fud
  • Gateaux
  • Goomer
  • Hoppus
  • King Rexxtopher
  • Lady Hiss
  • Long James
  • Morbidia
  • Mysterious Hooded Woman
  • Nohyas
  • Noville
  • Old Man Oldman
  •  ??
  • Phil
  • Princess Zange
  • Ralphio
  •  ??
  • Skullivan
  • Witchy Simone

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