"Weird Al" YankovicA Bunny Playing Pulled the LeverAccordion Magisword
Action ComedyAdventure Academy: Adventure Academy 101Adventure Academy: Dino Ducking
Adventure Academy: Ham of GloryAdventure Academy: SluggernautAdventure Academy: Weather or Naught
AnnouncerArin HansonAttacktus
Attacktus (character)Attractive Voice Magisword (song)Bad Bad Cop
Bad Heir DayBad Man OldmanBark Attack
Biblia TickBiggest FanBill Kopp
Bonnie GordonBookishBroccoli
Brotherhood of ThievesBufordBureaucrophobia
Can I Keep Him?Candi MiloCartoon Network
Case ClothedCave of StuffCelery Magisword
Champion of BreakfastsCheese MagiswordCleanliness Is Next to Grupliness
Continue?CornanDan Avidan
Dana GouldDave (Gruber) AllenDave Coulier
DeBizzDelivery Man SteveDimensional Domination
Do We Decimal System?Do You Know the Muffin King?Docky & Buford's Decidedly Pathetic Adventure
Docky BoardmanDolphin MagiswordDolphinominal
Don't Read the CommentsDoorDown Down Up Up Left Left Right
Drain Hair MonsterDungeons and DayjobsEddie Pepitone
Elect to DeclineEric BauzaErica Luttrell
Excaliburger MagiswordFelonious ProseFlashback Farms
Flirty PhantomFlonkFlonk Stakes
Füd Fit Theme SongGalactoniansGateaux
Get That BORFL!Getting AheadGilbert Gottfried
GloriGolden Curls MagiswordsGoomer
Gotta Get Grup to Get DownGrey GriffinGrup Jam
Grup the DragonGrup the dragonGut Feelings
Hal LublinHaley ManciniHambus
Hands DownHelmutHey There, Little Warrior!
Hi, I Am Grup!Hideous HoundHoppus
Hoppus the HuntedHover SwordsHoversword Hussle
Hunting for ScavengersIce PoseyIdentity Theft
If You Don't Help Us, PumpkinJack McBrayerJeff Bennett
Jess HarnellJest-O the Best-OJim Cummings
Johnny Yong BoschJudy TenutaJurassi
Kablammica WarriorKate MicucciKeeper of the Mask
Keeper of the Mask (short)Ken MitchroneyKing Rexxtopher
Kyle A. CarrozzaKyle MasseyLady Hiss
Lapis LazuliLetter Wronging CampaignLindsay Carrozza
List of episodesLittle Sword of HorrorsLoch Mess Nomster
Long JamesLong Underwear WolfLuke Ski
LyvsheriaMagisword UsersMagiswords
Man Fish the Fish ManMaria BamfordMark Fite
Mary FaberMascottMichaela Deatz
Micky DolenzMighty MagiswordsMighty Magiswords Staff
Mighty Magiswords Theme SongMighty Magiswords WikiMister Sucker Punch
Monkey ChunksMorbidiaMr. Lawrence
Mr. PackardMr. SpoonyMummy Magisword
Murray WilliamsMushroom MenaceNeddy the Mallet
No Robots For Old MenNohyasNorman Warrior
NovilleNyandoOinkus Oinkus Magisword
Old Man OldmanOmnibusPachydermus Interruptus
Papa KotassianPaul SchrierPencil Magisword
Penny PlasmPeridotPeridot s log date
Pete HolmesPhilPhil's in the House
Phil LaMarrPhil Took My Dolphin AwayPig Iron
PiratesPlay That Song AgainPool Fools
Potion in the OceanPrincess ZangeProhyas' Stomach
Prohyas WarriorPrugPuppycat
Purple Pete (song)Queen PorcinaRalphio
Random Acts of MemoryReginald LavishumRenee Albert
Renie RivasRhyboflavinRider Strong
Rob PaulsenRobbie RistRobopiggeh
Rosearik Rikki SimonsSales DeerSan Doge
Share and Share DislikeShopkeeperShow Me Your Finest Dolphins
Sibling SorcerySidneySir Grimmsibald Femursworth
SkullivanSlug BurgerSmashroom
SnaxSnowmanpireSquideo Games
Squirreled DominationStairways & SpidersStrange Nedfellows
Super Mighty Robot PiggehSuper Teamwork ComboSurely You Jest-O
Taunting Jester MagiswordTeri GargantuanThe Cave of Gelatinous Doom!
The Curse of DummysteinThe Desolation of GrupThe Land Before Slime
The Mysterious Hooded WomanThe Mystery of Loch MessThe Saddest Little Bunny
The Saga of Robopiggeh!The Tall Uninteresting OneThe Tome of Morrow
The Underground Hand BeastThe Wrath of NeddyThere Once Was A Woodchuck
They See Me TrollblinThick as ThievesTo Boulderly Go
To Bouldery Go/TranscriptTom KennyToo Many Warriors
Townsend ColemanTransylbabiesTree J
UFOsUnconventional DolphinismVambre's Brain
Vambre's Brain (character)Vambre's Brain (short)Vambre Warrior
Veronica VictoriousWalkiesWarriors for Hire
Warriors for Hire (short)Warriors for Hire (song)What Is In Grup's Soup?
Whose Hyas is it Anyway?Wilbur Pork Loin IIIWitchy Simone
Witchy Simone Ruins EverythingWitchy SparklesWobbles
Working GrupWorking for ScalesZombie Pumpkin Magisword
Zombie ReasonableZonq

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