Keeper of the Mask
Gender Male
Role Guardian of the Mask Magisword
Hair color White
Eye color White
Friends The Warriors for Hire (both neutral relationship)
Enemies None
First Appearance Keeper of the Mask
Latest Appearance The Tome of Morrow
Voiced by Jim Cummings

The Keeper of the Mask is the guardian of the Cursed Masked Magisword who appears in the Mighty Magiswords web short of the same name. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.


Prohyas and Vambre travel to a mysterious masked temple to find the Cursed Masked Magisword. They meet the Keeper of the Mask and as they try to get the sword from him, the Keeper uses the magisword to curse the Zombie Pumpkin Magisword with a bland expressed mask, which was later removed using the Zombie Pumpkin's regeneration powers. The Keeper explains to Prohyas and Vambre blatantly and boredly about who he is and in order to get the Magisword, they must make a mask with the facial expression of "mindless bliss" otherwise the sword stays in the temple. As the duo try to leave, they are electrocuted because both the Keeper and the sword are cursed. Unless they can make the mindless bliss mask, both him and the sword are stuck in the temple. Vambre used the sword on Prohyas making an over-confident facial expression mask on him, causing Prohyas to keep on saying "It's in the bag" since the masks that are based are based on the wielder's emotional state. Unless mindless bliss is made, the mask is irremovable as thousands have tried and failed and died as skeletons with masks still attached to them. Vambre tried the second time but it made Prohyas frantic. The Keeper laughs at Vambre's failure while eating popcorn he purchased at the Popcorn Store. Vambre then tries to concentrate but the Keeper of the Mask tricks her into looking at a wall, causing her to generate a Look-Over-There Mask on Prohyas. The Keeper comments that Vambre has three tries left, angering her. Vambre tries again and it makes Prohyas fussy and mad. The Keeper mentions that what Vambre does is the opposite of the desired effect. Vambre madly asked if he wanted his curse to be lifted and he whines about her never being able to do it. Vambre tries again and it makes Prohyas ponder because he's wearing the Thinking-too-Hard Mask. Prohyas suggests that Vambre does something that could give her mindless bliss, which is adventure, action and figthing. Vambre challenges the Keeper to a duel much to his surprise and delight and the two duke their swords out. Vambre's filled with mindless bliss so much that she uses the sword to generate the mask, freeing Prohyas and the Keeper allowing him to leave the temple. He lets them keep the sword and thanks them. Prohyas, sweating from the masks, asks for a moist towlette.

TV series

The Keeper made a slight cameo in Little Sword of Horrors coincidentally sitting at a table with popcorn next to the Popcorn Store, which he purchased a tub in his debut.

He also makes a short cameo in The Tome of Morrow where Prohyas mentions the possibility of meeting another one-time character.

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