Kablammica Warrior
Gender Female
Role Warrior, broccoli farmer
Hair color Pink
Eye color Black
Family Prohyas (son)
Vambre (daughter)
Norman Warrior (husband)
Nana Warrior (mother-in-law)
Friends Warriors for Hire
Enemies TBA
First Appearance Gut Feelings
Latest Appearance
Voiced by Renee Albert

Kablammica Warrior is Prohyas and Vambre's mother, a former Warrior who is currently a broccoli farmer with her husband, Norman. While she made a cameo in the Mercenaries Monthly magazine in The Mystery of Loch Mess, she makes her first debut appearance in the TV series' episode, Gut Feelings. She is voiced by Renee Albert.


Kablammica has a huge size, wears Warrior attire and wears golden bracelets on her arms. She also has a peg leg for unknown reasons.


She has a sweet, happy-go-lucky personality, always loving the fact that her children are taking on her footsteps as Warriors. She also likes cooking her signature broccoli soup dish which the kids dislike. Even though she's a warrior, she enjoys broccoli farming even more. She also speaks with a Minnesota accent and usually says "Don't cha know?".


In the final short, "Flashback Farms", Kablammica is happy that the kids are using their Magiswords. She also enjoys the kids sucking up to her yet still has no affect to her decision on making them help her husband. She understands her husbands' overprotectiveness and was willing from the beginning to settle down on adventuring for broccoli farming and a family but knows that the children were destined for adventure.

TV series

In the episode, "Gut Feelings", the Warriors visit the Broccoli Farms with Hoppus in hopes of finding his lost vegetable magisword. Kablammica immediately greets them and invites them home and serves them broccoli soup. Kablammica also helps Hoppus with his prediciment by giving him the Cardboard Replica Magisword in order to lure the thief. Towards the end of the episode, she let's a starving Hoppus in again for some broccoli soup.

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