If You Don't Help Us, Pumpkin
Characters Performed By Prohyas Warrior
Episode Mushroom Menace
Mighty Magiswords - If You Don't Help Us, Pumpkin Song00:18

Mighty Magiswords - If You Don't Help Us, Pumpkin Song

If You Don't Help Us, Pumpkin is a song sung by Prohyas in the episode Mushroom Menace to cheer up Zombie Pumpkin Magisword when he was crying. However, it just made the Zombie Pumpkin cry harder thinking he failed them.


Prohyas: Oh, I don't mean to fuss
and I don't mean to whine,

If ya don't help us pumpkin,
We're all gonna die

The Smashroom is gonna stomp on
all our heads

And it's hard to pay rent
when we have all expired.

Zombie Pumpkin: Oh! I failed you? No! (cries)

Vambre: Prohyas, you were supposed to comfort him, not terrorize him.

Prohyas: Sorry, Vambre. I just tells it like it is!


  • Prohyas meant to say "Die" at the end of the song but it's obvious that he changed it for the sake of Zombie Pumpkin, even though it still didn't make a difference.

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