Hi, I am Grup!
Characters Performed By Grup the Dragon
Prohyas Warrior
Zombie Pumpkin Magisword (all voiced by Kyle A. Carrozza)
Vambre Warrior (voiced by Grey Griffin
Episode Gotta Get Grup to Get Down
Mighty Magiswords - Hi, I Am Grup!02:49

Mighty Magiswords - Hi, I Am Grup!

Hi, I Am Grup! is a song written by Grup the Dragon for the Rhyboflavin Talent Contest in the episode, Gotta Get Grup to Get Down. Prohyas provided the additional lyrics so Grup would be able to win the contest.


I am Grup

And I like

To do things

I'm a dragon,
With a tail,

And a nose,
And little wings.

Second verse, same as the first.

Prohyas: Aw, we're gonna crash and burn. Looks like it's time for my revision.

Grup: Hi.
Prohyas: Hey Rhyboflavin, how do you do-oo?

Grup: I am Grup.
Prohyas: Here is the guy I'm introducing to you-hoo

Grup: And I like
Prohyas: He would like for everybody to know-ooh

Grup: To do things!
Prohyas: He's gonna do his thing and put on a show-ooh.

Grup: I am a dragon,
Prohyas: From a mystic land of magic and lore-ore,

Grup: with a tail,
Prohyas: With things of which you never heard of before-or

Grup: And a nose,
Prohyas: He does his songs and makes you cheer when he si-ings,

Grup: And little wings.
Prohyas: As he takes flight on mighty dragons wi-ings.

Vambre: It's working brother. Perhaps some backup is in order.
Announcer: Zombie Pumpkin Magisword!
Vambre: Catch!
Zombie Pumpkin Magisword: Hey, what's going on? (being thrown) Whoooooooaaaaahh!
Prohyas: Great idea. How bout a baseline, duder?
Zombie Pumpkin Magisword: Oh yeah, I can do that. Here we gooooooooh. (beings beatboxing)

Announcer: Dolphin Magisword!
Prohyas: Dolphin solo!

Dolphin Magisword: (dolphin chatter)

Prohyas and Grup: Final verse, same as the first!

Vambre: (while smashing squirrels) Och! OCH! OCH! OCH! OCH! OCH! OCH!

Prohyas: Alright Grup. Let's bring it on home.

Grup: As I take flight on...
Prohyas and Grup: Mighty dragons wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings!

Zombie Pumpkin Magisword: (finishes beatboxing)

Vambre: OCH AND ROLL!!!!

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