Hey There, Little Warrior!
Characters Performed By Vambre Warrior (voiced by Grey Griffin)
Episode Mushroom Menace
Mighty Magiswords - Hey There, Little Warrior! Song

Mighty Magiswords - Hey There, Little Warrior! Song

Hey There, Little Warrior! is a song Vambre sung to the Zombie Pumpkin Magisword in order to cheer him up in the episode, Mushroom Menace. It was apparently an old song her Nana Warrior sang to her to calm her down.


Vambre: Hey, there, little warrior
When things are grim and time unsure

Just tell yourself
you'll make it through

With friends and comrade
here with you

Ahem, conrade?

Prohyas: Ha, I'm on it!

Vambre: Bravery's not a lonely thing
It soars aloft on friendship's wings

A helping hand
you need to find

Well go ahead
and just take mine

Prohyas: (flying away) And m-i-i-i-ne!

Vambre: No one's strength
is just their own!

We fight for family,
friends and home

Zombie Pumpkin Magisword: H-o-o-m-e!

Prohyas: It's true! It's so true! Pumpkin, buddy! I love you! You're my little guy! (sinister creepy voice) Sweet monkey! Chunky. Bunky.