Hal Lublin
Name Hal Lublin
Sex Male
Birthday January 9, 1977 (age 39)
Voices Omnibus, Smashroom, Ice Posey, Pirates (01, 08), Shopkeeper

Hal Lublin (born January 9, 1977) is a voice actor, improv actor and comedian who voices Omnibus, Smashroom and Ice Posey in Mighty Magiswords; all debuted appearances in the TV series episode, Mushroom Menace. He also voices some of the Pirates and the Shopkeeper in the episode, Case Clothed.

Prior to Magiswords, he is a regular contributor of the Thrilling Adventure Hour as one of the core WorkJuice players (which Kyle is a fan of, especially Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars), which maybe the reason why he was booked for the show.