Grup the Dragon
Gender Male
Role Ally, Friend, Cave Weirdo
Eye color Black
Friends Prohyas, Vambre, Old Man Oldman, Robopiggeh, Hoppus (neutral), Princess Zange, The Mysterious Hooded Woman (neutral), Skullivan, Lady Hiss, Prug
Enemies Morbidia, Gateaux
First Appearance "The Desolation of Grup"
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Voiced by Kyle A. Carrozza

Grup the Dragon is a dragon and a main character in Mighty Magiswords. He is close friends with the Warriors for Hire, and lives with them. He seems to be a culinary chef because of his ability to make good tea, his famous Grup soup, sandwiches, and pancakes. Grup is voiced by Kyle A. Carrozza.


Grup is a blue and white dragon with light blue eyes and red spines. His appearance is similar to that of Prug.


Grup is a pleasant, simple-minded dragon. In contrast to the persona of dragons in "The Desolation of Grup", he is calm, friendly, and far from intimidating, though he is also neurotic and hypersensitive, especially when it comes to how the Warriors get along. He sees the delight in cooking, doing laundry and helping the Warriors. When he falls down on his back, he says "I landed on my wings". When he's excited or happy, he gives out a small "Yay!". He may also lack intelligence as it took a while before he finally got the message that he smells, and tends to have a problem pronouncing certain four-syllable words (e.g. "formidable," "unbearable").

3-minute Shorts

His first appearance was in "The Land Before Slime", where his house was stomped by King Rexxtopher because he demanded to find the Warriors for Hire. Phil stole his house prior to the incident, but let him have it back now that it was destroyed.

His second appearance was in "No Robots for Old Men", where he was taped to the Robopiggeh by Old Man Oldman. Vambre claims that Grup has no appreciative skills to speak of. After Old Man Oldman controlled the Piggeh, Vambre used the Ground Pound Magisword on them which injured Grup. Old Man Oldman asked Grup if he can do anything, he responded "Sure!" and flew towards Vambre with his tiny wings. After the Robopiggeh captures Vambre, he noogies her. He later stopped and gasped in horror when Prohyas drew moustaches on them, in which he claims to be "mentally unprepared". After being trapped in cactuses, they converse with the Zombie Pumpkin Magisword. Grup says that it's hard to fly because his wings are small and weak. The magisword tells him to stop and he does so but gets hurt. He then asks them if they want to play tag.

5-minute shorts

He first appears in the short "The Desolation of Grup" which reveals how he met the Warriors. The Warriors were given a task to vanquish a dragon hidden in a cave near Mount Ma'al. They meet Grup in the cave and reveals to be a cute and adorable dragon. They refuse to slay him but they use a technicality that she said 'vanquish' which is un-related to slaying, so they decide to 'vanquish' him by beating him at a contest. During the "Vanquish Games", Grup wins every time due to dumb luck. The last challenge was "Hardcore Parkour" and Grup had to mimic Vambre's parkour technique. Grup failed and landed on his back and the Warriors accepted victory. The two were afraid that the Mysterious Hooded Woman wouldn't be pleased but she revealed that she only wanted his home to throw a rave.

He was later disguised as a dog to be taken to Old Man Oldman in the short "Walkies" as they gave "his dog", Jurassi, back to King Rexxtopher. Their plan was for Grup to sneak out when Oldman is asleep, even though Oldman is an insomniac. He makes a cameo in the short "Identity Theft" eating a sandwich and at the end, staring at himself in the mirror to see if he is from another dimension.

He made a short came in the short "Stairways & Spiders" being attached by the Retractable Ladder Magisword.

TV series

In "The Mystery of Loch Mess", hes sad because Prohyas and Vambre are arm-wrestling and offers Hoppus a sandwich.

In "Squirreled Domination", he makes soup for Prohyas' illed Dolphin Magisword, but refuses to give his recipe to Prohyas, regardless of his song. Prohyas keeps pestering Grup about the recipe but Grup reluctantly refuses. His secret was finally revealed when Paco the Squirrel popped out of Vambre's soup bowl. However, Paco's cuteness makes Grup not mad at him.

In "Case Clothed", he is seen buried upon the Warriors for Hire's filth in which he is willing to clean up for them while they are on duty. The mess was cleaned and he also made sandwiches for them. The scene right before, it was revealed that he hid all of the filth at Old Man Oldman's house.

In "Cleanliness Is Next to Grupliness", the Warriors try to get him to take a bath due to his stink. Grup keeps escaping from the Warriors since he thinks they are mad at him by trying to spray him with water, but there trying to clean him without telling him due to his sensitivity. After Grup starts to break down crying, the Warriors finally tell him the truth. Grup reveals that dragons cannot get wet for more than 2 minutes or else they get severe pain or even death. He later sheds out of his skin revealing a new coat he has. The Warriors later throw the old coat at Witch Way Headquarters.


  • Flight: Grup can fly (as he has wings), but they're small and weak, so he tends to fall down on them.
  • Enormous Appetite: Grup is able to swallow three watermelons whole with a straw
  • Dumb Luck: Throughout his appearance in "The Desolation of Grup", most of him winning the Vanquish Games, with the exception of Hardcore Parkour were from dumb luck.
  • Culinary Crafts: Grup is a great cook, being able to make great tea from boiling leaves, sandwiches, and his famous "Grup Soup".
  • Shedding: Since dragons cannot get wet for more than 2 minutes, dragons such as Grup can shed their skin whenever it begins to smell, causing their smell to become much more pleasant


  • As of the 5-minute shorts, Grup is shorter than the Warriors for Hire and his voice has a more happier tone than the deadpan one he had in the original shorts.
  • Grup's favorite food is sandwiches as he is seen eating one in the short "The Desolation of Grup", a preview of the vlog "Show Me Your Finest Dolphins" shows that while Prohyas is penetrated by cactuses from the Cactus Magisword, he goes to the Mount Ma'al for a sandwich and even offered Hoppus a sandwich in the series premiere, "The Mystery of Loch Mess".

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