Gender Male
Role Sorcerer for Hire, Familiar
Hair color Dark Gray (fur)
Eye color Black
Friends Morbidia
Docky Boardman
Enemies Warriors for Hire
Mister Sucker Punch
First Appearance Too Many Warriors
Latest Appearance Gotta Get Grup to Get Down
Voiced by Arin Hanson

Gateaux (pronounced gah-toe) is a Sorcerer for Hire and co-founder of the sorcerer-for-hire organization "Witch Way" with his partner, Morbidia. Together, they are the arch-rivals of the Warriors for Hire. He first appears in the Mighty Magiswords short, Too Many Warriors. He is voiced by Arin Hanson.


Gateaux is a grey-furred anthropomorphic cat who wears a standard wizard outfit wearing a purple hat and a purple-and-blue robe. He is also missing a tail for mysterious reasons.


Just like his partner, Morbidia, he is very snobbish and snooty. Using dark magic, he can accomplish tasks with ease, which gains him the favor of the people over his rivals. He has a habit of repeating the last word Morbidia uses in her statements, yet is easily annoyed when others do the same. Gateaux can be outspoken, but Morbidia discourages this, much to his chagrin. He has a calm and cool demeanor focused on the task at hand. However, his feline instincts sometimes get the better of him. This is seen when he was easily distracted by the Laser Pointer Magisword that Vambre used against him. He may also have a texting addiction as he is constantly seen texting on his Magi-Mobile.

His uptight personality may just be an act, it is revealed that he has a strong, nerdy side to his personality and get overly passionate about things such as novels and fanfiction.

He also may be very insecure as proven by the way he lets Morbidia walk all over him. He has at times shown an extreme desire to be appriacted by her as when he had a hold over her he demanded that she give him a hug at least once a month. Also the fact that he created a mary sue that in his own words "everyone likes" my imply his desire to be popular.

5-minute shorts

He and Morbidia first appeared in the short "Too Many Warriors" hired by Docky Boardman to stop Mister Sucker Punch from terrorizing the Dockman Pier. They see the Warriors for Hire and easily made fun of them. Princess Zange and Docky decided that who ever defeats the squid first will win the prize. The two use dark magic against the squid but it failed and as Prohyas used the Ground Pound Magisword, it caused destruction of the pier. Later, Mister Sucker Punch punched Docky down the shore. The two were so annoyed that they tried to go after the Warriors for Hire so Vambre used the Laser Pointer Magisword to distract Gateaux due to his cat instincts causing Sucker Punch to sock them away. At the end of the short, Morbidia swores revenge on them as they were about to be devoured by piranhas with Gateaux being afraid of them.


He and Morbidia appeared in "The Mystery of Loch Mess" where they are jealous of the Warriors getting a job from Princess Zange. The two plan to follow the Warriors and take over their job so they can gain the glory. They were trapped and captured by Queen Porcina and, as well as the Warriors, almost fed to the Loch Ness Monster. After the Warriors set the delivery folk free, they took it as an opportunity to take credit and give the folk a boat to escape.

In the episode "Cleanliness Is Next to Grupliness", Morbidia and Gateaux get jealous again over the Warriors for Hire once again and the two had a fit which involved Morbidia pulling Gateaux's tongue before they are affected by Grup's stink. Morbidia compares the smell to Gateaux's hairball that he coughed up at one point in which Gateaux takes offense of it as a cat stereotype. They are later shown revealing that they ratted the Warriors out to Princess Zange threatening Grup's residence in the headquarters. At the end of the episode, as punishment, the Warriors sent Grup's old molted skin to their headquarters.

He appeared without Moribia for the first time in the episode "Biggest Fan" where Glori interrupted his lunch. He brings Glori to the Warriors and grumbles on how he doesn't deserve being treated like that.

In his latest appearance "Little Sword of Horrors", Gateaux and Morbidia are seen outside their house when Prohyas walks by with Carnivorus Plant Magisword. After it eats a spider (Morbidia's roomate Natasha), they try to attack it with their dark magic but it spits back at them, swapping their species, turning Gateaux into a human and Morbidia into a cat.


  • Dark Magic: Like Morbidia, Gateaux has the ability to use dark magic which can do many things such as zapping and blowing up things, using life force from broccoli plants to turn stuffed animals into rabid, blood thursty creatures and more.



Gateaux throughout the years.

Gateaux was very different compared to his first incarnation. Originally, he was a cowardly black cat named Familiar with a puff of blonde hair. When Kyle originally pitched the Magiswords concept to Cartoon Network, Familiar was given an updated appearance. It was changed again to a more sinister design, which is the one used in the show.


  • Gateaux's voice has been modeled after actor George Takei.
    • He even says Takei's catchphrase "Oh my" in one episode.
  • Gateaux's name is a pun on the word "gato" which is Spanish for cat; Gateaux is also a type of French cake.
  • Gateaux's voice actor, Arin Hanson, is also famously known as Egoraptor on YouTube. He is the founder and co-star of the popular gaming channel, Game Grumps, on YouTube as well.
  • The episode "The Mystery of Loch Mess" reveals that Morbidia forces him to repeat the last word she says and that he prefers to speak normally.
  • The episode "Cleanliness Is Next to Grupliness" reveals that he has no tail, which he refuses to speak about.
  • Gateaux is shown to write really bad fanfiction however he claims that Vambre read it wrong.
    • He has also created a OC(original character) based around the Broccoli Punch stage show, clearly based on himself.
    • Him writing characters based on himself in his fan-works is a clear reference to the "Mary Sue" trope, where writers would put themselves in fiction and make themselves beloved by the main character.
  • Gateaux may be on a diet as revealed in the episode "Biggest Fan" that he only gets one cheat day a month.

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