The Galactonians are a race of interdimensional species that debut in the Mighty Magiswords TV series episode, Grup Jam.



The Galactonians' massive growth

The Galactonians always have an evilish stare in their faces. They are naturally small but can grow to massive size when in contact with water. When there big, they wear metallic armor.


The Galactonians are sneaky, sly creatures that often tease and snicker. Despite their boorish personality, they do have common sense as they were doubtful of just clobbering their opponents in the basketball game. They can be brutes at times but they can also be sensitive as one player cried out of the game when the basketball was taken from him.

TV Series

They debuted in the episode "Grup Jam" where, under the leadership of DeBizz, attempted to take over Rhyboflavin. During the games, they were victorious until the Warriors got weird. DeBizz informed them to clobber the opponents which they did. After which, they ghostbusted and vaccumned Murray Williams.


  • Growth: When in contact with a special form of liquid, there height and muscles grew massive.
  • Super Strength and Agility: When they become big, the Galactonians gain super strength and agility.
  • Ghostbusting: The Galactonians have advance technology which they use to their advantage such as ghostbusting / vacumning opponents.


  • There role is similar to the Nerdlucks / Monsters in the movie, Space Jam.
  • Their growth ability is based on the Instant Martins from the classic Looney Tunes cartoon series, which Space Jam used the characters from.
  • The Galactonians' ghostbusting Murray Williams is based on the Ghostbusters film series and a reference to Bill Murray's (whom Murray Williams is based on) role as Pete Venkman in the series.