Frostferatu is the Lord of the Snowmanpires who debuts in the Mighty Magiswords episode, Share and Share Dislike. He is voiced by Dave (Gruber) Allen.


Frostferatu has pale blue skin, white hair, claw-like nails, pointed ears, and fangs, as well as a widow's peak and a beard. His attire consists of a floor-length cloak, along with a cape and a tacky pink sweater.


Frostferatu has a boastful personality, and hates being ignored. He also claims himself to be menacing and evil.

TV Series

In his first appearance, Frostferatu steals the never-melting ice cube from Omnibus. When the Warriors enter his castle, he demands that they fear him. However, due to their bickering over the Shooting Star Magisword, he steals it from them so they will pay attention to him. However, this action greatly angered the Warriors, causing them to use almost every Magisword they had against him. Finally, they used a Super Teamwork Combo on him, and he reluctantly gave them back the Magisword and the ice cube.


  • Ice Generation: Frostferatu can form weapons and other objects made of ice.
  • Vampire Transformation: Frostferatu can turn anyone into his minions by biting them on their necks.
  • Shape-shifting: Frostferatu can turn into a bat.