Gender Male
Role Criminal
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Friends None
Enemies Warriors for Hire
First Appearance Flonk Stakes
Latest Appearance
Voiced by Paul Schrier

Flonk is a criminal who debuts in the Mighty Magiswords short, Flonk Stakes. Flonk is voiced by Paul Schrier.


Flonk dresses in pirate/bandit garb wearing a red shirt, brown jacket with tan brackets and wears brown boots. Flonk also has a pony tail.

During his childhood, he possess the same outfit but has a full head of hair and wears a crown cap.


Flonk is openly evil and cunning but is very clear and tends to crack jokes and make puns. He thinks of himself as a comedian and often gives out a short laugh at times when cracking a joke.


In his debut, he introduces himself to Ralphio and threatens to hurt him if he doesn't pay his rackets every month. The Warriors come in and remember Flonk from their childhood. Before they left for Adventure Academy, Flonk always bullied them and took their milk gems from them. Now knowing that he has grown the criminal lifestyle, they try to stop him. But he ends up deciding to not only break the Magiswords but use Ralphio as a bat to hit the Warriors. The Warriors try to save the Magiswords and they devised a plan. They convince Flonk to use a Magisword and he chooses the Electric Razor. Since Flonk is inexperienced, the Electric Razorsword ends up shredding his hair and clothes. He turns red in embaressment and cries heavingly. Ralphio summons the slimeballs to take him to Ma'al Security. The security guard soothes him with a lollipop. Flonk asks innocently if he gets to go free. The security guard chuckles and says he's going to jail. He takes him away with a surprised Flonk off screen.


  • As shown in some production images, Flonk was originally depicted to have a chainsaw leg.

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