Füd Fit Theme Song
Characters Performed By Jess Harnell
Episode Champion of Breakfasts
Mighty Magiswords - Füd Fit Theme Song00:33

Mighty Magiswords - Füd Fit Theme Song

The Füd Fit Theme Song is the theme song for Füd and Snax's podcast of the same name in the episode Champion of Breakfasts. The theme has a rock-melody to it as a parody of several TV show competitions and features musician and voice-artist, Jess Harnell providing the vocals for the song.


When you wanna have a meal,
and someones got a beef-ah!,

When your tryin' to have some grab,
and they punch you in the teeth-uh,

Who needs opposition,
when they're trying to chow-down-ah!,

What has got to happen,
when some jerk tries to throw down,

Iiiiiiiiiiii-f you want to be the dude,
Seeeeeeeeeee-ttle this with Snax and Fud and have a,


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