Drain Hair Monster
Gender Male
Role Villain
Hair color Brown
Eye color Red
Enemies Warriors for Hire
First Appearance Warriors for Hire
Latest Appearance
Voiced by Kyle A. Carrozza

Drain Hair Monster is a hair beast that appears in the Mighty Magiswords first 5-minute short, "Warriors for Hire".

As the Warriors for Hire try to remove the clogged item from Princess Zange's sink, they realize that it was actually a monster. The monster traps Vambre in a week-old crusty toothpaste trap and with the help of the Rad Rocket Magisword and Electric Eel Magisword, Prohyas was able to trap the beast in toilet paper. But the monster broke free causing Vambre to use the Blow Dryer Magisword on the beast to freeze it.

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