The Dolphin Magisword is a Magisword owned by Prohyas. It mades its debut in To Bouldery Go where Prohyas used it against a boulder that was blocking the cave that leads to the Boulder Magisword. Its main ability is "Dolphin Water" where it shoots a stream of water from its mouth. It is also Prohyas's first Magisword, which he got from his mother. The Sword is sentient and Prohyas treats it like a pet, and often calls it his "baby girl." Prohyas also used it to get to Keelhaul Cove in Case Clothed. It tends to grow jealous if its wielder cares more about other Magiswords. (This was shown in "Little Sword of Horrors" where Prohyas stated that the Carnivorous Plant Magisword might be his new favorite Magisword.) In a vlog Prohyas states that he must feed the Dolphin Magisword twice a day. Its voice is recorded dolphin sound clips, however when it was sick in Squirreled Domination, the coughs and sneezes were provided by Candi Milo.

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