Docky Boardman is the elderly owner of the Rhyboflavin Boardwalk who hired Witch Way to get rid of Mr. Sucker Punch. He first appears in the Mighty Magiswords short Too Many Warriors. He is voiced by series writer and storyboard revisionist, Luke Sienkowski.


Docky Boardman's appearance is very similar to old Fleisher Studios/Popeye cartoons. He is very diminutive wearing a captain's attire with black pants and white shoes, has light blue hair and wears a captain's hat.


Docky has an easy going personality but gets easily frustrated from the antics of the Warriors as they were destroying the pier and questioned Prohyas if he was working for the squid or the princess. He was later pushed on to the shore by Mister Sucker Punch. He also got mad that they still have not get rid of the squid. However, Prohyas revealed that he needed something productive to do by giving him a drum drawn by the Pencil Magisword. Docky warms up to the Warriors and gives them the payment he promised to Witch Way.

5-minute shorts

In his first appearance "Too Many Warriors", Docky hires Witch Way to get rid of Mr. Sucker Punch. But the incompetence of Witch Way and Warriors for Hire made the task difficult. The docks were destroyed frustrating Docky but Prohyas' quick thinking convinced the squid to try drumming. Docky was still upset on the fact that he still has no customers but the band drives more people to the pier. Docky rightfully pays the Warriors the pay he was going to give to Witch Way.