Gender Male
Role Businessman
Hair color None
Eye color Black
Friends Galactonians
Enemies Warriors for Hire
Grup the Dragon
Princess Zange
Reginald Lavishum
Witchy Simone
The Tall Uninteresting One
First Appearance Grup Jam
Latest Appearance
Voiced by Eddie Pepitone

DeBizz is a Galactonian-businessman who debuts in the episode "Grup Jam". He is voiced by Eddie Pepitone.


DeBizz has metallic armor with a face that looks like a wrestler's mask and his armor resembles a business suit.


DeBizz has a boasting and demanding personality trying to get Princess Zange out of Rhyboflavin.

TV Series

In his debut "Grup Jam", after freezing the guards and Reginald, he introduces himself to Princess Zange. He shows her his plans to build an amusement park, Galactaland, over her castle and orders her and her conceirges out of the castle. The two decide on a game of basketball for the castle. In mid-game, he suggests his Galactonian team to hurt the Rhyboflavin Grups in order to win. However, thanks to Grup towards the end, they won the game. As DeBizz was about to hurt Grup, he was arrested by Galacton Police which Zange called before-hand since what he was doing in the beginning was pretty much illegal.


  • His appearance, voice, mannerisms and ideas are based on the character Swackhammer from the movie Space Jam, which this episode is based on.
  • His name is a pun on the words "the biz" meaning "business" hinting out his attire and desire to make a theme park.

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