Dave (Gruber) Allen
Name Dave (Gruber) Allen
Sex Male
Occupation Actor
Voice actor
Birthday c. 1958
Voices Frostferatu

Dave (Gruber) Allen (born c. 1958), is an American television and film actor and comedian, who voices Frostferatu in Mighty Magiswords debuting in the episode "Share and Share Dislike".

Allen is well-known for his character The Naked Trucker which he created as part of a sketch comedy show Two-Headed Dog. He is also known for his work on the 1990 TV series Higgins Boys and Gruber and playing guidance counselor Jeff Rosso on the Judd Apatow-produced comedy-drama Freaks and Geeks. He also played Mr. Kwest on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide and a town troubadour on Gilmore Girls. Allen had a minor role in the 2016 film Ghostbusters.

He also previously played Dark Blade of Fire from creator Kyle Carrozza's pilot for Nickelodeon's Random! Cartoons, MooBeard: the Cow Pirate.