Cattus the One Blade is a wise and notable cat as well as a former student of Adventure Academy who debuted in the Mighty Magiswords: Adventure Academy shorts. His adult self debuts in the TV series episode, School's In, Oh Bummer!. He is voiced by series' storyboard artist and writer, Luke Ski.


Cattus wears the traditional Adventure Academy uniform and, as his name implies, carries only one weapon: the Whirlwind Magisword, in a sheath on his back. He also has a scarf that covers his mouth. As an adult, he wears a sleeveless black shirt, his brown gloves, blue pants and his brown boots.


When he was in Adventure Academy, Cattus spoke in a low, calm tone of voice, and was very peaceful and nurturing. In the present, while he still has a calm voice, he is now more openly expressive, and has a carefree and happy-go-lucky attitude.

Adventure Academy shorts

In his debut short, during roll call, Cattus announced his reason for enrollment was due to his dedication for helping others.


Cattus the oneblade old

Kyle's first Cattus design

The character was created in 2014 by Kyle Carrozza and made his debut in the Magiswords series.