A Bunny Playing Pulled the Lever
Characters Performed By Prohyas Warrior (voiced by Kyle A. Carrozza)
Episode The Saddest Little Bunny
Mighty Magiswords - A Bunny Playing Pull the Lever00:18

Mighty Magiswords - A Bunny Playing Pull the Lever

A Bunny Playing Pulled the Lever is a song sung by Prohyas in the short, The Saddest Little Bunny. Prohyas sang it as a way to cheer up the stoic rabbit mercenary.



Saw in a casino,
A slot machine so neat,

A bunny playing pulled the lever,
With his fuzzy feet.

He won some gems, I said,
"That's a Great Way to Make a Buck",

He says "Of course he always wins,
'cause rabbit feets are lu-cky!"

Wa-bomp bomp! Bom-bomp!"


  • This song is actually written by Luke Ski based on a melody Kyle Carrozza was going to use for an album he was working on.

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